How It Works

The Boyfriend Evaluator is an application for your iPhone or iPod touch that asks you 50 questions about your boyfriend or a potential boyfriend. It can easily be completed in about 10 minutes.

Because you like him, you may often be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt when answering the questions. But for the most useful results, do your best to be as honest with yourself as you can as you go through the test. After you get the results, if he gets a low score and has many faults, you can still give him the benefit of the doubt if you choose. The value of the test is to get an objective assessment that helps you see him without your feelings getting in the way and to learn something new about him by thoroughly considering each of the answers.

The result will give you a hierarchical category based on his score. The better his answers, the higher his score. And if he shows any negative patterns, these will be described in the results.

BFE splash screen